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Have Real Human Spokespeople In
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Transform simple text into professional-looking
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We currently support 40+ different languages.
It’s never been easier to engage global teams
and customers in their native language

With Human Synthesys Studio, you have the
option of 5 Humatars with Personal OR
10 Humatars PLUS 3 BONUS Humatars with
Commercial to use immediately.

Easily upload any image or video as a
background to your videos. We’ve also
created free slide templates for inspiration.

We have prepared a selection of background
 that you can freely add as a background
sound to your videos.

Access and download your completed video
projects as mp4 files.

Combine several Human Synthesys Studio
videos into one video. Now you can create
rich slide deck video experiences in just
a few minutes.

With Human Synthesys Studio, you can simply
duplicate the video, change the text and have
an updated version of a video in just
a few minutes.

Move the position of your Humatar around on
your videos for your desired position and look.

Step-by-step process makes it quick and easy
to produce your videos. 
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This proven cheatsheet will reveal the steps
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There are a dozen of free online marketing
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In this day and age, if you don’t have a personal
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We reached out to hundreds of marketing
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Exclusive Bonus #2

Create pixel perfect logos for your or your
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We’ve created top-quality backgrounds
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