Traffic For Dummies "24K Sarcastic Traffic" - Case Study

I sent you the below email a few hours ago
asking for your opinion. and yes, in last 10 hours
I received 351 excited responses…
First of all, I’m going to give you my upcoming
cloud based app that turns any PDF report
into traffic and lead generating machine
And you don’t even need a website, autoresponder
it’s still under developement. Will be done in just
7 to 10 days. I’ll give access to everyone who’ll
purchase You Gen Bots from my link.
So, yeah, I’m happy to share this with you
First let me share where it starts from
Brendan and Jason is launching You Gen Bots
Here is how it works
It’s going to add 10X
more profit (literally if you use all 10 of them)
Using any one of them will make you 2X more
using 2 of them will make you 3X more… and so on..
But you can choose which one you want to use
And I want to hear from you before I tell you about it… so keep reading
Let me explain,
My two good friends Brendan and Jason are
And without this solution your obstruction to
drive traffic, generate leads, sales and making
money will never be removed (Harsh but honest truth)
With the software, it’s easy peasy to make money
on the internet
This software is awesome but
The vendors only show you how to software
works and how you make profit in
one single way. Nothing else really
But I know as I’m a user of this technology,
this software and it’s results can effectively be used
in 7 different ways to make money directly
These 7 methods also needs softwares to get results fast
and I’ll give you
7 cash injection softwares to make these methods
easy peasy and you actually start making money from today
(if you use them effectively)
Medium dot com publishes your content
and send you millions of visitors syphoned 
from google on autopilot.
I’ll show you step by step how to start getting
traffic and sales from medium dot com and
I’ll give you my own cloud app to publish from and
to medium in just push of a button
LINKEDIN is a dream place for professionals 
who have money to buy. And they read publications
from inside linkedin. I’ll share LinkedIn secret strategy
course to become a linkedin traffic magnet in
literally 3 days from now
and I’ll give you my private linkedin publish plugin
to publish your content to linkedin and start
pulling buyer traffic from there
QUORA is about question and answers. But there is
an established step by step method to generate
traffic and even making sales from Quora traffic.
I’ll give you that course
and I’ll also give you a software that builds sites
Buzzfeed has a very specific type of content
they go by “23 ways to make…bla bla” and
readers love to read those articles
I’ll give you the list of top traffic generaing articles
from buzzfeed so you can copy and paste 
their niche and strategy and get their results
I won’t stop there. I’ll share my very private
buzzfeed like content builder software
this software will help you build that type
of viral traffic getting content in just a few clicks
Youtube is world’s second largest search engines
and I’ll give you my video creator software with
full resell rights so you can turn your high quality
contents into youtube videos and get traffic
from youtube fast
Turning your content into email promotions is a great
way to attract email clients and make upto $500 to
$5000 a day.
I’ll show you step by step method of attracting email
clients and pay you on monthly basis
that turns every facebook post into a viral traffic and lead
generating machine
and finally, I’ll give you a list of 190+ sites that pay for
content. Some of them pay up to $400 to $700 for
a high quality content. Imagine being paid $10 for each
site. You make $1,900+ every single day
And if you can hit the jackpot, you might end up making
$5000 per day from 10 sites 
This comes with my private social syndication software
that shares your content with 32+ social media completely
How to claim your bonus?
Nothing to claim. They’ll be in your
purchase receipt. But in case you can’t find them
just email to with
all the purchase receipts and we’ll reply with
the bonus accesses ASAP

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